Building better technology
for the civil engineering industry

Building better technology
for the civil engineering industry

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Tel: +44 (0)118 945 3737

Tel: +44 (0)118 945 3737

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Customer Testimonials

SOCOTEC Testimonial

“Having been given the responsibility of fitting out our New Geotechnical laboratory in Socotec Central, Coventry; I had no doubt in my mind that I was going to select VJ TECH as our sole supplier of equipment. Working with the VJ Tech team over a number of years at other Geotechnical laboratories gave me the confidence that partnering with them once again was the both operationally and commercially the best option for Socotec. Our recent purchases are a huge investment and will take Socotec forward towards the next level in instrumentation and automation of our Oedometer, Permeability , Shear Box and Effective stress offering.”

Mark Beastall
General Manager

GSTl Testimonial

“Having been impressed with the quality of the VJ Tech equipment over the years, when it came to upgrading and expanding our Effective stress laboratory there was only one place we wanted to go. The onsite installation and training with Matteo were very informative and left our technician confident installing the next equipment that arrived by himself. The aftersales assistance is also second to none. The clisp studio software is really easy to navigate around and after using many other systems over the years it is the preferred software by all of our technicians, since purchasing 12 fully automated Effective stress systems, we soon went out and ordered 10 automated Permeability systems, 10 Automated consolidation systems and 8 more effective stress systems and all of which have reduced testing time.”

Paul Evans

GSTI Testimonial

“GTI Perth has had a close working relationship with VJTech since 2014. VJTech’s dynamic simple shear apparatus with flexible membrane was developed with input from us and the first two such machines were acquired by us while working at Fugro-AG in 2014. Based on the working relationship between GTI Perth and VJTech, the high- quality equipment and prompt, efficient services from VJTech’s sale and technical staff, we did not hesitate in selecting VJTech for fitting out our geotechnical laboratory. Currently, most of our advanced testing equipment (dynamic / static triaxials and simple shear machines), Rowe cell, permeability, direct shear, consolidation (oedometer and CRS) and other equipment such as motorised lab vane, soil water characteristic curve (SWCC) were supplied by VJTech. We have previously recommended VJTech to others and will be very happy to recommend them to anyone needing to purchase soil laboratory equipment.”

Hackmet Joer
GTI - Perth, Australia

UAE Testimonial

“We thank VJ Tech for assigning this excellent engineer with his broad skills and knowledge for training on such state of the art equipment. The VJ Tech Dynamic Triaxial is User Friendly.”

Professor Aqeel Ahmed
Senior Geotechnical Professor
AUS - Sharjah


“PSL have been extremely pleased with the consistency and quality of the VJ Tech systems. We are always delighted to showcase our Laboratory to clients, and always received praise on the state-of-the-art equipment being used. VJ Tech’s aftersales support has continually been prompt, and with the confidence we have in their Automated systems, PSL have expanded to 50 fully Automated Effective Stress Triaxial Systems, 56 Automatic Consolidation Units, 12 Direct Shear systems, 24 Fully Automated Permeability Systems, and more –all supplied by VJ Tech. I would happily recommend VJ Tech to any Geotechnical Laboratory looking to modernise and/or expand their testing capabilities.”

Anthony Watkins
Professional Soils Laboratory


“This is one of the best courses of this type I have ever seen,” said Alan Cocks, Technology Manager at Coffey Information, Lane Cove West. “The people taking part were totally absorbed, as can be seen by the photographs. “I believe this week is the basis of a new era and greatly expanded expertise in specialised soil testing for Coffey Information. If there are people in your office who attended the course, please ask them about it.”

Alan Cocks
Technology Manager
Coffey Information, Lane Cove West


“VJ Tech Ltd. has also provided a high level of technical support and assistance to our staff and students when required.”

Dr V. Sivakumar
Queens University Belfast


“When our clients visit FUGRO IN SITU laboratory they get surprised with the equipment setup and the performance of the triaxial, oedometer and direct shear machines from VJTech.”

Eng. D.Sc. Roberta Bomfim Boszczowski
Laboratório Geotécnico


“The managing director of V J Tech, Nathan Vimalan personally supervised the commissioning of the first batch of testing equipment and helped with setting up. Since then technical support has been very good from the V J Tech team and any queries or problems have been dealt with in a timely manner”

John Ashworth
Laboratory Manager
Fugro Engineering Services Limited.